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Microsoft Training Courses
Training Courses Specifically for Microsoft Programmes

Looking for training in the programmes businesses depend on? Our Microsoft training packages teach how to use your preferred Microsoft programme inside and out.

Office Skills

Our Office Skills Training package will equip you with the latest skills and knowledge to thrive in a 21st century office where computers are common place. Our Office Skills Training Package contains iconic courses which are recognized World Wide; the computers in your office will feel like your backyard!

Don't be left behind with the Tipp-Ex on the shelf, get some dust off that dictionary and learn to master office applications like Word processors, Spreadsheets, Databases, Outlook, PowerPoint and e-mails. Lacking these essential skills in a modern office is an unnecessary inconvenience. Our training courses are designed for complete beginners and is a perfect start for people who have never used a computer frequently before, or for those who have computer experience but no formal or professional qualification proving their knowledge or expertise. Our Office Skills Training Package can take you all the way up to Lecture Level or just intermediate so you can show your colleagues or boss a trick or two!

MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist)

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is a globally recognized qualification. By having a MOS certificate on your CV, it shows that you have gained the necessary expertise to competently use Microsoft applications at a 'power user' level and it will give you a competitive advantage when job hunting, as well as in the workplace. It will significantly increase your confidence, skills and employability. It will serve to objectively validate your IT skills and, naturally it will assist in your advancement and promotion in your chosen career. Each certificate is a qualification in its own right – so you can take just one, or as many as you like. The MOS is broken down into its perspective programmes so if you wish to specialize in a only one programme you can take one exam or two programmes and two exams, Or we can package them together and you can do them all, Its your choice!

Here is a list of the MOS examinations:

  • Microsoft Office Word
  • Microsoft Office Excel
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Microsoft Office Access
  • Microsoft Office Word Expert
  • Microsoft Office Excel Expert

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The right ingredients for your training is crucial for your chances to get certified and employment success.


Your future performance, interviews, decisions and abilities will be largely affected by your training experience. The ECDL certification training is designed for novices or casual computer users and will get you to a high computer literacy standard. The ECDL is the fastest growing IT user qualification in over 125 countries.


The unique training offered directly from us will ensure that you get the full comprehensive training, the right lecturers, labs and equipment and have everything you need at your disposal to get certified and create a career from your new profession.


In order to achieve the ECDL certification, individuals must pass a test for each of the 7 modules. ECDL Module 1 is a theoretical test of computing knowledge at a general level, while modules 2-7 are predominantly practical skills tests.

Upon passing your training and ECDL tests you will receive a course completion certificate which you can show to potential employers. The ECDL is recognised throughout professional IT industries and communities inside Europe.


Microsoft Office taught programs, as part of the ECDL training package - i.e. Word, Excel, Powerpoint - will help advance your career by giving you a crucial competitive edge for achieving success. Studies show that employers are more likely to hire candidates with these computer skills.


We have helped hundreds of students to reach their goal, obtaining jobs and certifications and an immense understanding of IT that some had thought unattainable. Do not allow your lack of experience or self-confidence deny you from a career in IT - it is a lot easier (and enjoyable too) than most people think.


We know where to plot you on the IT career map and how to set your foot in the door.